Design interior apartament 3 camere

Design interior

Here's another proposal for a three-room apartment in West Residence Oradea. This particular layout is very tricky, as the living-room area is located next to the apartment's entrance and has very limited natural light. Although the kitchen office and bedroom benefit from loads of natural light, the living does not. For this, we had to find a solution to redirect most of the natural light from the open kitchen towards the living-room. The luminous color scheme and the mirror back-splash may be a little unconventional but it helps the natural light pass through to the living-room. The second issue we had with the day area, was that the main entrance is directly in the living area. To obtain a cozy and practical effect, we created a space dividing piece between the door and the couch, which was opaque in the lower part and transparent above the couch level. 

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