Design interior apartament 2 camere

Design interior

We're happy to share with you this recently completed 2-room apartment located in the center of Oradea, Romania, in a newly built residential building. 
The apartment was designed for a young couple with a pretty busy lifestyle, so we aimed at creating a functional and cozy place for them to call home. Having to work with a fairly small place, we tried to optimize as much as possible each room. 
The kitchen is tiny by all standards, so we maximized the storage space by continuing the furniture under the window as well, integrating the radiator in it. 
We kept the living room-dining as airy as possible, with just a few essential pieces of furniture, whereas integrating a large storage wardrobe along the generous hallway towards the rooms. 
In the bedroom, we added a small bookcase on the wardrobe's side both for having a designated book storage and also for making the bedroom entrance a bit more interesting (instead of having a plain furniture side). The large mirrors help making the small room visually larger.
For the bathrooms we had 2 fairly different approaches - a lighter, timeless one for the main bathroom and a darker, bolder approach for the secondary one. 
Overall we kept a neutral-warm chromatic for the walls and furniture and added splashes of color in the accessories (chairs, pillows, rug etc) which makes it easier to refresh if the owners will want different color accents in a few years. 
Interior design: davidsign. 
Photography: Andreea Iancu
Location: Oradea, Romania.

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